Step By Step SEO Analysis

Step By Step SEO Analysis

Search engine optimization is always changing, but the basics of search engine optimization have remained the same. Whenever you start a new SEO campaign, it is crucial for you to go back to the basics and do a step-by-step analysis before beginning your campaign to make sure that the foundation is strong. Here is what you need to do to perform a step-by-step SEO analysis.

You should begin by checking the on-page optimization factors. There are several software options available in the market today including desktop as well as online versions. These bots will crawl your website and give you a detailed report on various aspects of on-page optimization.

It is essential for you to keep in mind that though there are good software bots that can tell you a lot about various on page optimization things, but you still need to take a close look at the website to figure out things that might have been missed by the bot. Also, no single solution is good at everything. So, make sure you use a variety of bots to crawl the website to figure out all the on-page optimization factors that might be affecting SEO.

Do not forget that Google has gone mobile first. So, when you’re crawling your website, ensure that it is being crawled as a mobile Google crawler and not the desktop crawler. The mobile version of your site is what is going to rank in the search engine result pages as this is being considered as the primary version. So, you need to find out any issues you might have with the mobile version of your website to make sure that all the on-page optimization factors are excellent.

Once you have dealt with all the on-page factors, you need to take care off page factors. The only vital elements that you need to take care of is the backlink analysis. You can check the existing metrics of a website with the help of Google Webmaster Tools or with the support of various software solutions. Most of the software solutions allow affordable subscriptions. These subscriptions will enable you to discover the backlinks of your competitors which can be extremely useful in case you want to copy backlinks of your competitors and zoom ahead.

Overall, a step-by-step SEO analysis typically involves checking for issues with various on page and off page optimization factors and taking corrective measures to optimize the website and obtain higher rankings in the search engine result pages.