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Every week, we bring you the stories of makers and designers who produce handmade objects sustainably. We know that you appreciate old-fashioned craftsmanship just like we do, and through these stories we aim to bring you closer to the makers, their products and the process. Get to know who makes the thing you use, and how it's made. Madesmith often commissions special collaboration products that bring together artisans and designers from different fields while keeping a focus on promoting mindful consumption. Our featured artisans make exclusive and limited edition textiles, jewelry, shoes, accessories and home goods for Madesmith that are often one of a kind unique products made in USA. Some of the ways in which we provide services to our makers include branding, social media, sourcing and manufacturing, and fundraising (including Kickstarter campaigns). Madesmith is based in Brooklyn. We'd love to hear from you, so please drop us a line at


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