Hammerhead skateboard

By Loyal Dean

Hammerhead skateboard

By Loyal Dean

$279 USD |

Madesmith exclusive in limited quantity. 

Pays homage to classic surf and epic lines. Carbon Fiber core for Responsive flex. Stiffer and shorter than the Bottle Nose and ideal for those nutty downhill grades. Carbon fiber core guarantees both longevity of the board and a flex that gives added control in the turns. Made in L.A. 

Dimensions: 37.5" long x 8.75" wide and has a wheelbase of 8.75".

Note: Each board has a unique design and may vary from the photos here.

Product images by Lani Trock. Factory images by Anais & Dax.

Loyal Dean

Sometimes when friends who share a heavy design and creative mindset meet again after fifteen years, their sense of adventure takes over. For Greg “Loyal” Perry and Dino “Dean” Pierone, the journey took such a turn three years ago when Dino made a wood longboard for his daughter. The first idea was not really practical, so they quickly got to work on making the board more practical, more structurally strong.

Loyal Dean’s exquisite skateboards are pieces of art. Each board, designed and hand crafted in the United States, is made from 40% reclaimed lumber left over from their other projects.

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