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Loyal Dean: A photo essay

Sometimes when friends who share a heavy design and creative mindset meet again after fifteen years, their sense of adventure takes over. For Greg “Loyal” Perry and Dino “Dean” Pierone, the journey took such a turn three years ago when Dino made a wood longboard for his daughter. The first idea was not really practical, so they quickly got to work on making the board more practical, more structurally strong.

Loyal Dean’s exquisite skateboards are pieces of art. Each board, designed and hand crafted in the United States, is made from 40% reclaimed lumber left over from their other projects. The coin used in the head of the board is made by a local Los Angeles artist. Preserving the unique, innate beauty of nature, each deck is different from the next -- bearing it’s own identity and finished with it's own number stamped at the top.

Dino and Greg maintain an organic relationship not just with the environment around them, but also with the people they work with. They love when everyone that they work with gets a chance to explore, to be creative. Working with other people and seeing them come up with creative solutions outside of their own excites them. Their philosophy: if you are open and honest then everything else just happens organically.

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Words by Nadia Rasul. Photography by Anais and Dax.

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