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Rose Apothecary Set

By Marble & Milkweed

Madesmith exclusive in limited quantity. 

This especially crafted gift set includes Marble & Milkweed's signature rose tint lip balm, rose and ginger nourishing body oil, modern chai no.1, recipe card and a muslin tea bag. 

Rose tint lip balm is gently scented by rose otto, organic coconut and sesame oils and local beeswax which makes this lip balm a nourishing powerhouse. Coconut oil is full of fatty acids that feed and protect your sweet little lips, while sesame oil contains lots of vitamin E, and has been a favorite ingredient in Ayurvedic skin care for thousands of years. The .5 oz tin travels neatly with you in pocket or purse, and also makes a lovely gift. 

Ingredients: organic coconut oil, organic sesame oil, non-gmo vitamin e, local beeswax, wildcrafted alkanet root, rose clay, organic rose otto essential oil.

Rose and ginger nourishing body oil is a silky blend of organic oils, scented gently with organic rose otto and organic ginger. A few drops are just as lovely in the bath as they are slathered on afterwards. A little goes a long way.

Ingredients: organic jojoba oil, organic sesame oil, organic rosehip seed oil, organic coconut oil, organic rose otto, organic ginger, organic vanilla, non-GMO vitamin E.

Modern Chai No. 1 is inspired by Briar's dreamy little house on Rivington Street. The exotic and familiar come together: the rhythm of the street below, history, memory, nostalgia, spice. An inspiring elixir.

Organic, fairly-traded assam tea from India forms the base of this house blend, while organic cardamom & rose petals lend a spicy, floral note. Organic ceylon cinnamon, organic pink peppercorns, organic ginger and organic south Indian vanilla round off a melange that is as lovely to look at as to drink. Slowing down enough to brew up a cup of this loose leaf chai will soothe the spirit. 

Directions: To brew a gorgeous cup of chai: simmer 1/2 cup water & 1/2 cup of your favorite milk, add 2 tbsp. chai (feel free to add more or less, according to your preferences), simmer for 5 minutes. Strain, sweeten and enjoy.

Packaging: This tea comes in a compostable bag decorated with handmade Japanese paper. Please reuse, compost or recycle this bag after you have enjoyed all of your tea.

Ingredients: organic fair-trade assam black tea, organic cardamom, organic rose petals, organic ceylon cinnamon, organic south Indian vanilla, organic ginger, organic pink peppercorns.

Shipping: 5-7 business days.

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Briar's story

"You can look at the honey to see whether the honey is running very quickly or very slowly, then you know if the weather is warm or cold".

I've been working in the kitchens in New York City for almost 10 years now. I had a little bit of time on my hands and I started making things for myself and I started getting really into all these different plant oils which became so fascinating to me. It's just incredible that all of these tiny little bottles contain basically the blood of plants in a way. It is the animating essence of plants. I kind of got into and realized that there's so much to learn. I started reading and trying things out.

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